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by Ljuska

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Slow and hidden disconnection from all the non-liminal points of action Revealing odd and abstruse wormholes a lone pathway under the invisible eye The recondite rectification of a theory a thesis, a frightful thought once a possibility that now started to dress itself into flesh and bones Dreadful as a mute sound a structure like silhouette suddenly appeared behind the spine of the one who ill-conceives living Nodding for approval but even without the 'yes' shadow's cold hand placed itself firmly upon the shoulder of life's assumer How strange is the sipping of cold waters through the cracks in our vision How calm the understanding that none may rise without the knowledge he utterly defies It's the offenders word a razor in the throat, a pain in the stomach an intuitive 'no' and a bold reason For no one willingly steps into what he truly desires not It is a place where fear is the sculptor the breeder and the all-embracing mother of everything It's the uncomfortable silence a pause between words denied presence when you're all alone For no one really wants to know is there something beyond at all – how’s really behind it all What comes into recognition is the realization of the inevitable the purity of a not man made truth The failure of all hopes and efforts manifests the point of the Abysmal Ingression
He who stands on the sacred threshold Covers up the golden Sun of today Forming the rays of his own shadow with arms reaching further than light He who stands in the middle of the scale of the perfect balance Spreading bold determination to start the motionless motion To cut through the source of the artificial light observing every stream running backwards To turn the back on shining promises of hope witnessing all eyes go sour and dry As the horror of the unavoidable starts the Coldest Fire It rushes through every structure Leaving the pale burns of Dire Remembrance His presence enclosed within like the nexus of a cavity compressed and tighten nothingness pure vacuum of the End His austere face manifests the stare of inconceivable dread Those eyes speak of no world No thing, no soul, no spirit Now he opens his dire mouth the purest terror of no sound the bottomless pit of every goal the right venom for every soul The silence of the inevitable cuts open the eyelids of a dreamer Sleeper’s living spine burst into cracks a whole construct of man into ash
Rise, now rise beast of misfortune Ruthless questioner of creation Travel within, between and under Crushing every form of slumber Riding the tides of immaculate doom Striving beyond the ways established Leaving the shells of perfect silence Derelict implements of your guidance Inside-out, beneath the web No mouth speaks the words of the dead The absence of all the meaning Penetrating through the intervals of the breathing Without within, under the wave And the world's light goes retrograde Withdrawing the very meaning from all forms breathing Merciless currents dragging towards The splendid horrors of pure absence Revealing the sights that burns the eyes Swiftly switching poles and sides Claws of strife embedded deep into the pulsating flesh of time Spitting remains of blackest fluid On every thought of self-centered being Infringing the ways of arrogant pride A blaze after blaze of wildest flames Shining with the strangest of spectrums Retrograding light towards the Uncenter Inside-out, under the web Thy mouth speaks the words of the dead The absence of all the meaning Hidden beneath intervals of the breathing Without within stopping the waves Thus world's light moves retrograde Withdrawing the very meaning from all forms of Being Retrograder of light, come forth!
The burning of searing sorrow paves the way to the halls of madness A secret indistinctive invitation Blurring even the clearest vision The knocking, the keys that turn without sound amidst the non-understanding of it all creating a space for the realization of its pregnant horrors Bold demand for turning astray Commissioners of strife arrived Dark clouds breeding, gathering, growing Silently, without building within Enclosing the shrinking circle around the areas of knowledge breathing sinkholes manifests inside secured positions and safe ground Dead sowers of no world planting seeds upon rocks amongst the dirt, dust and bones hidden, their plants shall grow Sharp thorns of invisible trunk bearing fruit for mouthless children as they procreate in reverse sequence praising the nameless God of Silence As the path of solitude open its door Revealing magnificent shadow it points to where all the roads cross on the barren land of he who's no more Dead sowers of no world planting seeds on rock surrounded by dust and bone irrigationless, their plants shall grow Strange shadows of a world gone sowing seeds on stones where no light can approach their rootless root takes form
By Dreadful Grace Eyes have been brought in front of the great circle that moves Creating time within all flesh Ill-conceived body and soul Equipped with Most fearful blade That cuts through all forms of deceit Surrounded with thy Dreadful Proximity I stand in the depths of the silence To raise the sword of solitary motion in the muteness Never to be witnessed Blessed with the brightest sight the weapon of all weapons Taught how To wield thy sword To bury it deep in the core Of the one who inhales thus causing movement of the All Embedded tight braking from inside turning back was never an option A deed conducted in a perfect moment As the absence of the witness ends the relation of subject-object Into cold dark I dip my heart and open these wounds for it to come For through thy blessings my eyes can see The structure of the greatest deceit Out of the light where shadow's a spark That lights the path so narrow and dark And by thy hand, I've been led to be fed with your wine and bread It's all thy pure will For I can not even conceive the possibility to know nor understand the absence of all the meaning The last straw is about to brake leaving the one how hangs on it in greatest trickery that tomorrow holds the answer Wash me from this dirt of hope and dreams made from the same filth that constitute the circle eyes now see By thy grace Bestowing daze As rupture opens within the All Darkness shines clearing sight for thy aiming weapon Seeping in the coldest stream toward the gaping hole in my chest Place within sow it deep the seed of thy unseen sacred tree Place within, seep in me The seed that will sprout in unity with my renewed body, pale soul and darkened spirit Into cold dark I dip my soul and open my heart for you to come With thy blessings my eyes can see The construction of the greatest deceit Out of the light into the dark Thorns on the path ignites the heart And by cold hand I've been led Beholding thy throne in absolute dread
Armed and trained to persist in the fight for promised no tomorrow for no false sun to rise Determined and equipped with fearsome techniques their exertion leaves no prisoners to take By the sharpest of all blades Perdition prepares the way for the wounds to come With the strike without a single warning the silent defiler is approaching The word is silence, the ways unknown for behind the Now is the eternal Never The path is narrow, the hearts hollow beyond every world’s light darkness is forever "Yes, I dread your presence this lack of defense of a system of thought I can only observe stunned as missing links and holes of logic become your points of ingress. Evermore...." Unknown is the limit of this boundless friction Never understood its cypher And the urge to follow the call Of this undeniable holy Strife The true loss is a victory in the lone war of the one who eliminates the enemy that he inevitably becomes The word is absence, the way is not for behind the all stands nothing at all the path is sorrow, the heart is cold at the root of every world its nightmares unfold
Not a single possibility will ever occur for the stretching of insufficient grasp any further Neither a chance to cross the never-drawn ever-present line that separates and forever parts For no one ever truly questioned that which we assume to know the foundational believe of what awaits us at the end of the road Thus, none could really approach As it remains forever unknown The truth behind each and all The greatest mockery for the soul The highest wall without a door The brightest light without a source The majestic Antiscape of the eternal Unaction The reflection with no mirror The shadow without a light The frightful steps of the approaching inevitable End Darkest storms underneath The Love that burns so deep In silent proximity The None unfolds within Reveal the realizations’ terror of no victory in a race of broken legged and blindfolded to uncover the ill-conceived meaning and purpose of every single struggle of every imagined gain Thus, in the midst of the wildest storm a strange serenity carved its home amongst the ruins of a being fortified its roots in the sterile air An odd calm established its domain within the harsh desert of the heart as it embeds itself deep into the rigid arms of Death's remembrance Remember Death Thanatanamnesis Darkest storms unto Thee Your Love burns so deep In dreadful proximity The None blooms within Silent tempest approaching The heart burning free In darkest ubiquity Thy pure Love shines within


The Second-born of the Abyss of Silence, Thanatanamnesis is the anti-synthesis of the triple-faced form of the All.
It is the pillar of praxis evoking the Dire Remembrance that feeds the Other Flame devouring everything that is not of its own essence - the essence of the Otherness.
Forged within the Coldest Fire, baptized in the stream against all streams, it opens up the portals wide, establishing the ever more pure enlinkment what the Beyond.
To follow the Sun under the horizon, witnessing the dawnless Dawn.
To tread through the scorching heat of the Other Light
towards the Thetra-union above and below the Three, remaining as One entangled and imbued with the None.
The progeny of the Two Headed Dragon risen as the Phoenix of the Abyss of Silence, carved out from the Holy thorns of the glorious Remembrance of Death.


released April 30, 2022

Guitars and drums recorded, mixed by Sifr Shraddha in Vox Umbra Studio, Serbia.
Vocals recorded at Ambis Studio, Serbia.
Mastered by Ivan Nikita Dujin and Sifr Shraddha.
Artwork oil on canvas by Katabasis Design.


all rights reserved



Ljuska Serbia

The Vessel
of The Other Light.
The Progeny
of The Two Headed Hydra Dragon.
The Emanation
of The Abyss
of Silence.

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